This couple had a relationship problem…

Look at them NOW! Sexual Chakra Bowls

Sexual Chakra BowlsPut the zest and fun back into your life with the Sexual Chakra Bowls.

Precision chakra-tuned vibrations transmit currents of natural ecstasy to the sexual center and organs… yours and those around you!

Our exclusive Sacral Chakra-Tuned Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl™ increases sexual energy, intimacy, spiritual connection, pleasure, harmony and freedom. The universal vibration that’s released deep within you turns sex into a relationship practice of healing energy, renewal and transformation.

Natural Ecstasy!

Sexual Chakra Bowls

12″ Frosted Sexual
Chakra Bowl

Discount Price: $169.00

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Sexual Chakra Bowls

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People just love our Chaka-Tuned Singing Quarz Crystal Bowls™:

The Kaliski Second-Chakra bowl re-awakened my sexual energy. I am so happy that I do not need Viagra! My wife is especially pleased!

WOW!!! I never had so many orgasms! I thank the Kaliski bowls for the intimacy and ectasy I am feeling after playing the second chakra bowl. I recommend this bowl to everyone I know.

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