Please consider this competitive analysis : Crystal Bowls Discount vs. Other Distributors


When you choose to buy from distributors other than Crystal Distributing Co., we believe that you should consider the facts that can affect your business before making that decision.

Our purpose here is to give you the facts and let you know that Crystal Distributing respects the loyalty of our customers and does not want to compete with you on a retail basis, never has and never will.  We sell only wholesale.

[list list_type=”ul” list_class=”5″]Crystal Distributing sells only wholesale, Crystal Tones sells retail. Would that not affect your possible customers? `Crystal Distributing sells only wholesale. Silver Sky(Crystal Vibes) sells retail. Would that not affect your ability to sell to your customers? `A slew of Chinese distributors will sell to your customers. To consider buying from a Chinese Distributor is dangerous. The quality is questionable and often you do not get what you ordered.[/list]

If you are buying the products to resell them to your customer, then Crystal Distributing pricing is the best you will find.  Our prices are designed for you to make a good margin on selling these products to your customers, so give us a call and find out for yourself.  

We created the world wide market for Crystal bowls, and we acknowledge that a product that is so functional as a Pure Quartz “Singing” bowl and has great marketing capabilities will create competition , but you also need know that we are the creators of Pure Quartz “Singing” bowls, still the best choice, sells only top quality bowls at the best prices, and you can feel sure you are dealing with the most respected and honorable crystal bowl distributor in the business.

Be assured that you cannot do any better than us, when it comes to pricing and quality of the products we carry.  


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