Want Less Stress and More FUN in Your Life?

Open your Clown Chakra… Less Tension More Fun!

Renews Your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Whatever you do… you’ll feel better!

Clown Chakra

The Clown Chakra is between the throat and heart chakras. Our Clown Chakra-Tuned Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl™ is a must for people in stress.

Need a little humor in your life? Down in the dumps? You need the Clown Chakra Bowl.

Especially people in the work place!

Take a lunch break and laugh…

Refresh yourself…

Clown Chakra

Life will be more fun! Work will be more fun! You’ll be a better you…

A Kaliski Healing Tools exclusive!

Less Tension…
More Fun!

Clown Chakra Bowls available in several sizes call for prices!

10″ Clown Chakra Bowl
Discount Price: $189.00

More about the Clown Chakra…

Clown ChakraThe Clown scientists have found that all our problems can be placed under one heading: Seriousness. Seriousness might be the leading cause of everything from Cancer to Reincarnation.

Scientists from the Clown Academy have already discovered a new source of healing. It is a psychic energy point located between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It is called the Clown Chakra.

When people feel miserable; when they suffer financial hardship; when they have relationship problems; when they are in ill health; when they find fault with other people; maybe their Clown Chakra is closed. When this happens, the scientists have observed under a high-powered microscope that the cells of every organ display a sad face; and when the Clown Chakra is open and functioning normally, the cells display a happy face.

The scientists suggest that if a person is ill, it is because the Mind has projected guilt onto the cells of the body and has forced out the love that is normally found within each cell of the body. The cells are therefore saying, “I Lack Love”, or ILL for short. The scientists also conjecture that all disease is due to the fact that the cells are “out of ease” or “dis-eased”.

When the Clown Chakra is opened and working (or rather, playing) properly, the psychic mechanism sucks up misery, pain, anger, resentment, grievances, unhappiness and so on, and converts the energy into tiny red heart-shaped balloons.

The red heart balloons contain Sourceful Love and Joy. These balloons are directed to the “dis-eased” cell or situation, and a happy face appears instantly. When the light enters the darkness, the darkness is gone.

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